“Modeling Lightning Strikes is a Multiphysics Problem” Part 2

Phil Kinnane | March 28, 2012

After I wrote about a group from EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland in a previous blog post, “Modeling Lightning Strikes is a Multiphysics Problem”, I checked to see if anyone from this group has presented at our conferences. It was great to find that Dr. Abdolhamid Shoory in fact has done so, with a paper titled: “Using COMSOL to Solve for Currents along a Thin-Wire Antenna Excited by a Lumped Source”.

As a matter of fact, searching our Papers and Presentations Showcase Gallery, which is a collection of all the papers and presentations from COMSOL Conferences, returns 13 papers on the topic. This just supports Dr. Shoory’s conclusion that “Modeling Lightning Strikes is a Multiphysics Problem”.

Dr. Shoory incidentally won the “Young Scientist Award” at the 30th International Conference on Lightning Protection in 2010. Congratulations to him!

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