EMC3 Consulting

EMC3 Consulting

EMC3 Consulting is a company registered in France that can provide assistance to engineering companies – from SME’s to large groups and research labs - with the modelling of their product or process related to multiphysics phenomena.

EMC3 Consulting specialises in structural mechanics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer but can also tackle problems that would need to couple these physics to acoustics or chemical transport modelling.

EMC3 Consulting’s founder is a mechanical engineer whose past role as Applications Engineer at COMSOL Ltd in the United Kingdom brought him expertise in numerical modelling with COMSOL Multiphysics that he is now willing to share with its customers through tailored technical support and consultancy services.

Here are a few of our specialties:

  • Fluid flow (CFD): single phase or multiphase flow, turbulent flow, flow in porous media, for liquids and gases
  • Structural mechanics (FEA): linear or non-linear materials, contact modelling in parts, beams and plates modelling
  • Heat transfer: conduction, convection or radiation, phase-change materials
  • Multiphysics phenomena: thermal stresses, fluid-structure interaction, Joule heating, acoustic vibrations and piezoelectric materials, chemical reactors, MEMS devices, etc.


EMC3 Consulting
Le Signoret Entree 1
3 allee Rufinus
13100 Aix-en-Provence
Phone: +33 9 81 00 77 18