LC Resonance in a Split Ring Resonator

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Ben Isaacoff

Ben Isaacoff

October 5, 2009 5:58pm UTC

LC Resonance in a Split Ring Resonator

We have been attempting to simulate a split ring resonator with the geometry shown in the attached figure, so as to verify our analytical findings that when the ring is placed in a uniform magnetic field polarized perpendicular to the plane of the ring, the LC resonance is as we calculated.

Given the geometry definitions: a=0.03 m r0=.1 m g=5E-4 m
We calculated that the resonance should occur at a field frequency of 0.3 GHz.

We have done most of our work in the ACDC/Quasi-statics, Electromagnetic/In-Plane Electric and Induction Currents, Potentials/Time Harmonic Analysis; module. We have also tried the RF module using eigenfrequency analysis, with less success.

Just to clarify one will see the resonance by comparing the induced current in the ring against a sweep of magnetic field frequencies and looking for a peak, which should be very obvious. Thus far we have been totally unable to verify our analytic work. I was hoping that maybe somebody here would have some suggestions or insights that we have been failing to think of. Any help would appreciated and thanks in advance for your time.

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