Volume force in Laminar flow

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Bozhi Ji

Bozhi Ji

October 9, 2012 8:17am UTC

Volume force in Laminar flow

Hi there,

I am doing simulation of chemical surface reaction in a 3-D reaction channel (shown in the first 3D channel profile). The laminar flow is generated by volume force in specific domain (the blue domain in the first image). When the volume force was settled with a very high number, the simulation can be done (shown in the second velocity profile image). But when I decrease the value of volume force, the simulation can not be done with some error info as:

Failed to find a solution.
Divergence of the linear iterations.
Returned solution is not converged.

I also have changed into 2-D model, which works for all values easily.

Can anybody help me on this? Any information and suggestion is really appreciated.

Thank you.

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