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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.2 Update 1 61 0 2 days ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Dorian Black Dorian Black ACDC Time harmonic analysis: The varying and the constant
AC/DC Module , magnet
186 0 11 months ago
Kathy Kathy Magnetic field of a permanent magnet (incl. rotation)
4.4 , AC/DC Module , magnet
591 3 1 years ago
Nijan Yogal Nijan Yogal Permanent Magnet with thermal simulation
NdFeB , N35SH , magnet , thermal simulation
439 0 2 yearss ago
Anne Marie Anne Marie Permanent magnet - N42- whatis the magnetization?
4.3b , magnetization , magnet
3,521 3 2 yearss ago
Petr Koutný Petr Koutný Simulation of the magnetic fied
magnet , 4.2a , AC/DC Module , Physics , Geometry
2,530 3 3 yearss ago
Michael Sell Michael Sell A Disk Magnet inside a Ring Magnet
magnet , 4.2
1,441 1 4 yearss ago
Anonymous Anonymous Model of 3D electromagnet
magnet , 4.2a , Electromagnet , AC/DC Module , Mesh
3,599 1 4 yearss ago

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