Call For Papers

Instructions for Authors

Conference presentations can be presented in the following formats:

  1. Oral Presentation
  2. Poster Presentation
  3. Both Oral & Poster Presentation

A detailed abstract is required prior to submitting your work. For seasoned presenters, you may go directly to the abstract submission form. If this is your first conference, please continue reading below.

Abstract Submission

  1. Create a "My Conference" account. You will be able to manage your submission as well as manage other aspects of the Conference.
  2. Collect the required information needed for Submission:
    • Title of Abstract
    • Author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s)
    • Detailed abstract View Abstract Guidelines.
    • Figures
    • References
    • Preferred form of presentation (oral, poster, both)
  3. Submit the abstract submission form by clicking here.

Your Abstract will be reviewed by the COMSOL Conference Program Committee - a panel of experts in their respective fields familiar with multiphysics modeling. Once your abstract has been approved you will receive an e-mail confirmation detailing the next steps.

Oral Presentation

If you choose to present your work in the Oral session you must prepare a presentation and bring it along with you to the conference. It is not required that you submit your presentation prior to the conference. The time duration for the oral presentation is 8 minutes followed by a 2 minute Q&A. For more information, review our presentation guidelines. Please include the Conference logo in your presentation.

Poster Presentation

If you choose to present your work in the Poster session you must prepare a poster as per the instructions given below and submit it online through the "My Conference" page. It is required that you submit your poster online ahead of the conference. COMSOL will print the poster and display it before the start of the conference. You can check with the registration desk at the conference to find your poster board number. For more information, review our presentation guidelines.

Poster Preparation Instructions

Provided for your use is our poster template. We encourage you to use this template as a guide to help you with your poster. Download template

  1. The poster size is 36" wide x 48" long (Portrait Style). We recommend you prepare the poster in Microsoft PowerPoint. Tip: Make sure you set the size to 36" wide x 48" long before preparing the poster. You must leave at least 1" margin on all sides to avoid cropping during printing
  2. A clear white or light background color is suggested.
  3. Less text and more graphics is suggested.
  4. Suggested font (size)
    • Title - Arial (86pt)
    • Author Name and Affiliation - Arial (48pt)
    • Figure Caption - Arial (25pt or higher)
    • Rest of the text in the poster - Arial (30pt or higher)
    Use these font (size) as a guideline to prepare your poster. You can use other font sizes, however make sure the minimum font size on your poster is no less 25pt.
  5. Please make sure to keep the image reading "Excerpt from the Proceedings of the 2013 COMSOL Conference in Boston". This should not be deleted.
  6. After preparing the poster in Microsoft PowerPoint, save it in PDF format and submit it online through the "My Conference" page.

Optional Paper Submission

You can submit a full-length paper regardless of the format (Oral or Poster) you choose to present your work at the conference. The full-length paper will be published in our collection of User Presentations. Please use the paper template to prepare your paper. This can be uploaded online through the "My Conference" page.

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