Julie Slaughter

Etrema Products, Inc.

The use of Multiphysics Models in the Design and Simulation of Magnetostrictive Transducers

Multiphysics modeling of magnetostrictive transducers provides key information about the performance and interactions of new designs and existing hardware. A brief history of multiphysics models in transducer design and the importance of these models are presented. You will see how multiphysics models are used in magnetostrictive transducer design today. Single domain models (magnetic, mechanical, acoustic, thermal), nonlinear models (magnetic, magnetostrictive), linear coupled models (magneto-mechanical) are all utilized at different stages in transducer development: ideation, optimization, proof-of-concept, and design verification. A design verification example will compare model simulations with experimental results for a typical device. Finally, the future of multiphysics modeling for magnetostrictive transducers and limitations of current models is discussed.

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