COMSOL Multiphysics® Simulations with Excel® Spreadsheets

This webinar will introduce users to LiveLink™ for Excel® spreadsheets and demonstrate how to use Excel® to control simulations in COMSOL Multiphysics®. LiveLink  allows parameters, variables, geometry, meshes, visualizations, and results to be edited in Excel®, then instantly synchronized with COMSOL. Experimental, validation, calibration, legacy and other data can be easily loaded into the software. LiveLink accelerates the simulation process and makes it easier to share, access, and compare results among departments and members of a design team. The live demo will be followed by a Q&A session.

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Date April 24, 2014
Time 1:30am EDT (Boston)
5:30am GMT
7:30am CEST (Paris)
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Pankaj Nerikar

Pankaj Nerikar received his PhD from the University of Florida specializing in atomic scale modeling of nuclear materials. He then did a Post-Doc at the Los Alamos National Lab focusing on the effect of microstructure on nuclear fuels. Prior to joining COMSOL, he worked at IBM focusing on gate stack engineering and modeling of semiconductor devices. His areas of expertise include nuclear materials, chemical engineering, materials science and semiconductors.