Corrosion & Electrodeposition

Date & Location

City: Burlington, MA
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Date: September 12, 2014
Location: COMSOL, Inc.
1 New England Executive Park
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Simulation is a powerful tool for understanding corrosion, corrosion protection, and electrodeposition. All of these three processes can be described and investigated using high-fidelity models that include descriptions of electrode kinetics for multiple competing reactions, mixed potentials, balance of current and charge in the electrolyte and in metallic structures, and chemical species transport. This course gives an introduction to the theory and assumptions behind the electrochemistry interfaces in the Corrosion and Electrodeposition Modules. The overview will give you the background required for making the optimal selection of model descriptions for specific purposes and conditions. The course will showcase and teach you how to model galvanic corrosion and impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP), which is used in subsurface and off-shore constructions that are immersed in aqueous media. You will also learn how simulations may be used to control the quality of the deposited product in electrodeposition. The examples in the course will account for ohmic, activation potential, and mass transport effects on corrosion processes, corrosion protection, and electrodeposition in 2D and 3D geometries.

Content Overview

  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary current distribution
  • Fixed and moving meshes
  • The concept of mixed electrode potential and competing reactions
  • Thin metal structures modeled as shells
  • Hydroxide film growth on protected steel structures
  • Deposit thickness modeled as a variable including metal film composition
  • Copper deposition in electronics
  • Ni deposition

Suggested Background

This course assumes familiarity with the fundamentals of electrochemistry. We strongly recommend that those new to COMSOL Multiphysics take the COMSOL Multiphysics Intensive Training course prior to attending this class.

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