Coupling FEMLAB and modeFRONTIER for Multiobjective Shape Optimization of Convective Wavy Channels

Pinto, F., Rizzetto, G., Nobile, E.
DINMA, Sezione di Fisica Tecnica, Università di Trieste, Trieste, ITALY

Convective wavy channels represent the building block of an ample variety of heat exchangers, and from an engineering point of view a desired target is to modify the shape of the channels in order to maximize their heat transfer rate, without an excessive penalty in their pressure losses.

In this paper we describe how this has been achieved by coupling FEMLAB, a general purpose unstructured finite element solver, with mode-FRONTIER, a multi-objective optimization system. The results reported, obtained in the steady laminar regime for a fluid with a Prandtl number Pr=0.71, are very encouraging, and suggest that the procedure can be applied, in principle, to even more complex problems.

It is shown that the geometrical parameterization is a critical choice, and that one may encounter a multiplicity of solutions, meaning that the same performance values can be obtained with channels having very different geometry.