Design and Simulation of Flying Microids

J. Clark, F. Li, B. Khandagale, and J.V. Clark
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA

In this paper we present the first design and simulation results of flying microids. Microids are a particular type of microrobots that have insect-like dexterity. Our initial investigation into the ability of microids to walk, run, jump, turn, carry loads, and walk upside-down was previously presented. Having the ability to fly greatly extends transportability. Although others have previously used piezoelectric actuation towards microrobotic flight, what is new and different with the present effort is that our piezoelectric actuators have two degrees of freedom instead of the usual one degree of freedom, and we investigate the full 3D fluid-structure interaction using finite element analysis with the use of COMSOL. Our analysis includes an examination of lift force with respect to various wing designs, drive frequencies, Lissajou figures, and Reynolds numbers. We compare our results to the performances of flying insects and the microrobotic efforts of other researchers.