Design and Simulation of SAW Device using MEMS Technology

P.R. Basha, B. Mishra, and A. Zachariah
School of Electronics Engineering, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

The realization of miniature SAW device is compatible on CMOS device for mobile and wireless communication system has become very important in recent years. Acoustic wave propagation along the surface of a piezoelectric material provides a means of implementing a variety of signal processing devices at frequency ranging from several MHz to a few GHz. In this work, a Miniature SAW device is designed and simulated at 1GHz frequency for wireless communication system using MEMS technology. A 5 um thin film of ZnO is used as the piezoelectric substrate due to its high electromechanical coupling coefficient. The measured results show that the velocity and electromechanical coupling coefficient are strongly influenced as the thickness of ZnO is increased.