Dielectric Stress and Coordination Study in the PAB72 High Voltage Circuit Breaker Interrupter

D. Andrade, and D. Schiffabuer
Pennsylvania Breaker LLC, Canonsburg, PA, USA

Pennsylvania Breaker presents a dielectric stress study for its 72kV class breaker. This study was instrumental in the design and testing procedures during the research and development phase. COMSOL was incorporated into the design pipeline as an important tool for rapid reference of complicated and costly steady state electric cases. The purpose of this study was to develop a robust geometric model that couples an electrostatic solution with CFD results that validates the model predictions with known solutions and with experimental. We made use of the Multiphysics capabilities within COMSOL, importing Pro/ENGINEER CAD files with the topology and using the electrostatics module to understand how the material and geometry changes affect the dielectric performance of the breaker. We have developed an exhaustive simulation program for bushings, interrupter in two- and three-dimensional cases using COMSOL. Several parts, such the pressurized tank particle trap and interrupter were modeled.