Dimensioning simultaneous polymerase chain reactions (PCR) in capillary tubes

Berthier, J., Chatelain, F.

Polymerase chain reaction is the most usual way to amplify DNA strands for detection and biorecognition. However efficient biorecognition requires to perform many different PCRs at the same time.

We present here a new concept of simultaneous PCRs in capillary tubes and more specifically the dimensioning of such a microsystem. The concept consists in performing different PCRs in annular rings of small axial extent inside a capillary tube, and the dimensioning is controled by constraints on diffusion and adsorption of the biological macromolecules that are used for the reaction.

In a first part, we analyze axial diffusion of species, assuming that there is no adsorption at the solid wall, and in a second part, we investigate the effect of re-hybridization to limit axial diffusion.