Double Gate MOSFET modeling

Gidon, S.
CEA Grenoble Leti

We use the MOS transistor model from COMSOL as a template to do our own model of double gate MOSFET. At the present time, it seems that double gate devices- going to non-planar transistor architectures- could be a solution for sub-32nm nodes. In addition, new design flexibility is allowed when gates are not interconnected. However, appropriate models must be developed.

In our investigation, we overcome the high aspect ratio of the transistor (thin channel compared to its length), by introducing an anisotropy scale factor in its geometry description.

The model shows the involved phenomenon (appearance of channels…) and gives the intended drain current curves versus gate voltages: Id (Vg1,Vg2) using a dedicated written MATLAB file. Next step might be to study 3D designs…