Fluid Flow in Porous Ceramic Multichannel Crossflow Filter Modules

G. Breitbach, S. Alexopoulos, and B. Hoffschmidt
FH Aachen, Jülich, Germany

In this work, we show how the modeling of purification of fluids can be simplified using a combination of analytical and numerical methods. A basic cell is defined based on the periodic structure of the module-cross section. The cell represents the microstructure of the cross section. Considering the cell, flow related effective quantities are derived.

The finite element method is here used only to study the flow across the cell. Then the module structure is described as a hypothetical homogeneous continuous medium with an effective permeability and an appropriate source term which represents the fluid flow through the membranes into the porous carrier.

Calculations using the simplified model are compared with full FEM-analysis for some examples. The comparison shows good agreement with the results. The computations were conducted with the COMSOL FEM software package using a formulation based on a second order partial differential equation.