Implementation of an 2D electro-thermal model for power semiconductor devices simulation: application on gallium nitride

Benbakhti, B., Rousseau, M., De Jeager, J.C.

Generally, the power dissipation in a semiconductor device generates self-heating effect. This effect is very significant in power applications using Gallium Nitride. Taking into account heating effects enables us to understand physical phenomena observed in experiments like the low saturation velocity.

In this paper, numerical simulations were carried out to study the influence of thermal effects on the static characteristics of GaN TLM structures. For this, an electro-thermal model was developed to take into account electrical and thermal phenomena in a coupled way.

The effect of the temperature on the performance of GaN TLM was investigated for different low electric field mobilities. Moreover, these simulations show that the current saturation is reached for electric fields much lower than the saturation field.