Modeling dynamic of composite plate with PZT patches embedded by using FEMLAB3.1

Wang, J.
Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark

As an important part of the smart/intelligent structures, the composite plate with piezoelectric-ceramics (PZT) patches embedded has numerous values in many engineering applications, such as: aerospace, automotive, civil and mechanical engineering.

A composite thin plate excited by PZT actuators is considered in this work. To describe the dynamic response of the quadrate plate clamped at its boundaries, commercial package FEMLAB3.1 is used to build and simulate a mathematical model. The model is a set of nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs) with spatial discontinuous coefficients, which is developed on the basis of the Kirchhoff–Love plate theory, Von-Karman nonlinear strain-displacement relationship, and the macroscopic and quasi-static piezoelectric polarization.

The result comparisons between the numerical simulation of FEMLAB model and one existing tested model is carried out. The comparisons demonstrate that the model made by FEMLAB3.1 is right and can flexibly be used in the dynamic simulation of such MEMS structure, the composite plate with PZT patches embedded.