Modelling of Magnetic Resonance Sounding using Finite Elements (FEMLAB) for 2D Resistivity Extension

Braun, M., Rommel, I., Yaramanci, U.
Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin, FG Angewandte Geophysik, Berlin

We show modellings of magnetic resonance sounding (MRS) data influenced by 2D electrical resistivity structures. We demonstrate exemplarily the impact of a 2D electrical resistivity distribution for a discontinued layer as geological situation.

The effects are shown for 2D kernel functions and for calibration sounding curves. We compare the results considering a 2D structure with those of 1D conditions (electrical homogeneous subsurface or layered underground). The 1D approximation is valid for loop centre positions of one loop diameter remote to the discontinuity. For studies on 2D water content distributions it is also recommended to consider the associated 2D resistivity distribution.