Numerical Simulation of Fluid Dynamic Behaviour in a Fuel Injector with Restricted Flow

G. Ovchinnikov1, and V. Ovchinnikov2
1Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engines, Vladimir State University, Vladimir, Russia
2Micro and Nanofabrication Centre, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Electronic fuel injectors, widely used for gasoline spark ignition engines, are characterized by the fact that the volumetric efficiency, response time and spray pattern drastically change due to build up of deposits in the fluid-flow channels.

This study is intended to describe the effect of channel shape and needle valve lift on the characteristics of a fuel flow in the pintle-type injector using numerical simulation with the help of COMSOL Multiphysics.

In this model, the time-dependent flow velocity is calculated for determining the quantity of fuel delivered to the engine. The simulation result was compared with an experiment focusing on the effect of deposits on temporal injection parameters.