Piezoelectric Micromanipulator with Multiple Degrees of Freedom

J. Clark, O. Shukla, and J.V. Clark
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA

In this paper we model and simulate a novel piezoelectric micromanipulator with multiple degrees of freedom with COMSOL. Micromanipulation is useful for micro and nanoscale assembly and manipulation in a variety of science and engineering areas. And the applications of micromanipulation increases with the number of degrees of freedom. Previous micromanipulation efforts used electro thermal or electrostatic actuation with usually one degree of freedom, sometimes two degrees of freedom. What is new and different about our present technology is that the piezoelectric phenomenon is used to achieve large deflections and large than two degrees of freedom. By examining various design configurations and modifying geometry, we compare design tradeoffs and performances against previous micromanipulation efforts.