Propagation of Higher Order Modes in Optical Fibers

J.T. Andrews, R.R. Kumar, and P.K. Sen
Department of Applied Physics, S G S Institute Technology & Science, Indore, Maharashtra, India

Understanding higher order mode generation in optical fibers has the following advantages: (i) Supercontinuum generation is possible (ii) Various fiber optic sensors may have increased sensitivity and (iii) dispersion management as well as optimization is possible with appropriate control of higher order modes. We took simple cases where single mode and multimode fibers (SMF/MMF) are used. Standard formulations available using Maxwell’s equations are used for light propagation in optical fiber. Optical fibers are modeled and simulations were performed using COMSOL Multiphysics. The numerical results are in good agreement with the analytical results. With the help of this software any higher modes can be studied. Effect of external stress on the fibers and modifications in their mode patterns are also analyzed.