Response of Structures to Transient Loading

R.D. Costley, H. Diaz-Alvarez, and M.H. McKenna
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Washington, DC, USA

Large infrastructure, such as bridges, emits signals at their natural or driven frequencies of vibration, providing an indication of the structural condition that can be monitored without a need to physically touch the structure. In this presentation, a benchmark case for the transient excitation of a simple structure is investigated: the COMSOL and analytical solutions are compared for the transient excitation of a 2-D Euler Beam. Two cases are investigated: (1) the beam is excited by an initial displacement; (2) the beam is excited by a traveling force. The solutions to these two cases will be presented. In order that the solutions agree care needs to be taken in entering the various the settings in the solver manager as well as proper assessment of the number of necessary modes included in the analytical solution. The methodology developed for these cases will be applied to future bridge studies to determine vibration responses to transient loading.