Robust Design of an LEM by Means of Interval Taylor Extension

B. De Vivo, P. Lamberti, and V. Tucci
Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Salerno, Salerno, Italy

In this paper, the Robust Design of a Linear Electric Motor (LEM) is performed. A Robust Design is a set of nominal parameters that satisfies the customer constraints with uncertain parameters.

In particular, it is possible to obtain the Most Robust Stationary Design (MRSD) of a Performance Function (PF) by looking at the minimum range of the Interval Extension of its Taylor series.

Furthermore, an analytic expression of the PF is required, and, if it does not exist, as in the case of electromagnetic systems design, a suitable Interpolation of the PF (IPF) is necessary.

This can be obtained by means of a good and manageable FEM software, COMSOL Multiphysics. To this aim, the force of the LEM is rewritten as a MATLAB function of three geometric parameters and then connected to COMSOL, which is used to perform the IPF.

The MRSD is found as the nominal set that minimizes the variation of the IPF due to the uncertainty on the nominal parameters.