Simulation of Heat Transfer on a Gas Sensor Component

Eldén, L., Domeij Bäckryd, R.
Department of Mathematics, Linköping University, Linköping

Heat transfer is simulated on a gas sensor component and its closest surroundings consisting of a carrier and bond wires mounted on a printed circuit board. The component is heated in order to improve the performance of the gas sensing element. Power dissipation occurs by all three modes of heat transfer; conduction from the component through bond wires and carrier to the printed circuit board as well as convection and radiation from all the surfaces.

Modeling and simulation have been performed in FEMLAB. The sensor system has been defined by the geometry and the material properties of the objects. The system of partial differential equations, consisting of the heat equation describing conduction and boundary conditions specifying convection and radiation, was solved and the solution was validated against experimental data. In particular, the convection model was studied.