Simulation of the Inverse Extrusion of a Brass Rod by the Coupling of Fluid, Mechanical, Thermal and Ale Modules

C. Mapelli, and L. Bergami
Politecnico di Milano

An efficient simulation of the inverse extrusion process has been performed through the coupling of three modules in COMSOL Multiphysics: fluid-dynamics, general heat transfer and ALE.

The strain, the strain rate, and the stress field can be completely defined after the complete definition of the velocity field of the material under the action of the tool. The definition of the stresses and of the strain rates can be applied within the thermal module to include the heat source due to the dissipation of the plastic deformation work by heat development.

The contemporary resolution of these three modules by a time-variant solver has allowed us to perform a reliable simulation of the inverse extrusion of brass following the thermal evolution of the extruded material.