Verifying the Measurement of Force, Displacement, and Stiffness of MEMS Using Electro Micro Metrology Through Nonideal Simulated Experiments

G. Campos[1], and J.V. Clark[2]
[1]Purdue University, Calumet, IN, USA,
[2]Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA

In this paper we verify the measurement of force, displacement, and stiffness of micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) using electro micro metrology (EMM) through nonideal simulated experiments in COMSOL. EMM is a metrological technique used to extract micro scale mechanical properties solely in terms of electrical measurands such as capacitance, voltage, or frequency. EMM uniquely facilitates the measurement of mechanical properties post-packed and on-chip, which is beneficial for mechanical properties that subject to change due to fabrication process variations, harsh environmental changes, or long-term dormancy. It is well-known that prescribing geometric and material properties in a computer model can significantly affect its simulated performance. However, what is new and different here is that we construct a nonideal simulated experiment were we emulate the use of EMM by using the computed changes in capacitance to determine the geometric and material properties of the model. Since we have created the model, we know what the properties of the model truly are. So this method of analysis provides a clear verification of EMM theory.