Wave Carpet Simulation using Coupled Hydro-elastic FEMLAB Model

Ibragimov A., Koola, P.M.
Texas Tech University, Mathematics and Statistics, Lubbock TX, BSI One KBSI Place, East University, TX

Wave Carpet is a novel deep offshore wave-power floating system concept funded by the Office of Naval Research that will have low overall life cycle cost due to an integrated design and be rapidly redeployable.

In this paper we numerically model the Wave Carpet motion using a coupled hydro-elastic time-domain solution. The major feature of the mathematical model is the presence of non classical time dependent boundary conditions.

The model is implemented in FEMLAB using weak and dweak formulation and coupled variable concept. Corresponding initial value problem is resolved in two-dimensions with certain restrictions on the initial distribution of the potential function.

Typical results of the geometrical and physical parameters on energy distribution along the carpet are presented.