New Functionality in Version 4.3

New Interfaces and Features

  • New Electrode, Shell interface for modeling electrodes in shells.
  • New Electrode Potential, Reference Electrode, and Electric Reference Potential features for handling potentiostatic control of electrochemical cells in all Electrochemistry interfaces.

Improved Functionality

  • Moving Boundary Smoothing algorithm in the Electrodeposition interfaces.
  • The equation formulation for mass conservation of surface concentrations has been changed in order to compensate for boundary stretching.
  • The default Zero Normal Mesh Velocity boundary node in the Electrodeposition interfaces is no longer applied to interior boundaries of Free Deformation domains.
  • Improved stabilization of porous electrode coupling reaction terms in the Transport of Concentrated Species, Transport of Diluted Species, Reacting Flow, and Electrodesposition, Tertiary interfaces.

New Models

  • Superfilling model
  • Resistive wafer model
  • Inductor coil model