The Nonlinear Structural Materials Module, which is new in version 4.3, is an optional package that extends the Structural Mechanics Module to studies that include structural mechanics with nonlinear material behavior. It is designed for researchers, engineers, developers, teachers, and students that want to simulate nonlinear structural materials, including a full range of possible multiphysics couplings.

The module provides an extensive set of nonlinear structural material models, including the following materials:

  • Predefined and user-defined hyperelastic materials: neo-Hookean, Mooney-Rivlin, Saint-Venant Kirchhoff, and others.
  • Small-strain and large-strain plasticity models using different hardening models.
  • Orthotropic plasticity (using Hill’s coefficients).
  • Predefined and user-defined creep and viscoplastic material models: Norton, Garofalo, Anand, potential, volumetric, deviatoric, user-defined, and others.

The Nonlinear Structural Materials Module includes an extensive model library with verification models and models that show applications for modeling creep, hyperelasticity, plasticity, and viscoplasticity.