The new ECAD Import Module product extends the functionality of COMSOL Multiphysics by enabling modeling using imported ECAD design files.

The import capabilities cover the GDS II, NETEX-G, and ODB++ (.xml) file formats and include the creation of 3D geometry during the import operation.

Compared to earlier ECAD import capability in the AC/DC Module, RF Module, and MEMS Module, the ECAD Import Module includes the following new functionality:

  • Save and Load buttons have been added below the Layers table. The Save button saves that table to a text file. The Load button updates the user-editable fields in the table with information from the text file. Information in the loaded file that is not applicable is ignored.
  • For GDS/NETEX-G files, when Create selections is enabled in the Selections of Resulting Entities section, in addition to the object/layer selections that were created in 4.3, selections corresponding to the cells in the imported file are also created. These selections are created for domains and faces.
  • For GDS/NETEX-G files, Net to import is now a combo box (list) where you can select among the valid values for the given file.