An Antenna on a Button

February 24, 2012

Reading, I came across this story about miniaturizing antennas for smaller wireless devices. Apparently, the size of the antenna often limits the size of the wireless device – so let’s make those antennas smaller. The article is about a group from the University of Michigan who achieves this by using a hemispherical substrate with a spiraling antenna taking advantage of the volume that the hemisphere provides.

RF Modeling

Not having seen an example of this in COMSOL’s model suite, I went to our RF guy, Jiyoun, and asked him if it could be built. Jiyoun’s been doing heaps of RF modeling lately, but I hadn’t seen an antenna on a button pass my way.

COMSOL Model of Hemisphere Antenna

It seems as though Jiyoun had the same problem as the manufacturers; it’s pretty difficult to create that spirally-pattern on the hemisphere. Yet, two hours later he had produced a model. Good stuff Jiyoun!

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mugada satyaprakash
September 28, 2016

please instalation process of comsol

Bridget Cunningham
September 29, 2016


Thank you for your comment.

Please reach out to your sales representative for further information about the installation process.