Bernhard Fluche, President of COMSOL Multiphysics GmbH writes…

Phil Kinnane November 2, 2011
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"The European COMSOL conference in Stuttgart was a remarkable event and – according to the feedback of the attendees – a big success. Three days were filled with interesting keynote lectures, attractive user presentations and posters, and a conference dinner on Thursday evening. During the dinner, Lars Fromme, the German marketing manager, presented the winners of the best paper and poster awards.

The highlight of the conference was the release of the latest version COMSOL Multiphysics that was presented by Svante Littmarck, president of the COMSOL group. It includes a lot of major upgrades and two new modules: the Particle Tracing Module and LiveLink for Creo Parametric. Particularly appreciated was the fact that each COMSOL Multiphysics customer will get the Particle Tracing Module for free!

The 24 minicourses that were well attended gave a perfect impression into the capabilities of the new release, and a free 14-days trial license will help each attendee to have a closer look inside. See you in Milan 2012!"

Thank you very much Bernhard!




  1. pradeep kumar May 12, 2015   12:22 am

    Dear All,

    I am novice in the COMSOL simulation. Currently, I am trying to improve the extraction efficiency of the GaN-based LED device. During modeling, I attempted to design two quantum wells of InGaN by following the reference structure of blue LED available in COMSOL 5.1. For a sample, I took n-AlGaN contact and p-AlGaN contactas well as AlGaN layer as a blocking layer between the two InGaN layers in QW. I followed all the steps as mentioned in the guideline (pdf of referenced blue LED structure). After computing the design steps, they compute but the device fails to show the two quantum well.

    So, I need assistance. Can anybody help to resolve this issue?

  2. Phil Kinnane May 12, 2015   8:00 am

    Dear Pradeep Kumar,

    I suggest that you send this question and your model to our Support Team, which you can connect to through:

    Best regards,


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