Modeling Natural and Forced Convection in COMSOL Multiphysics®

Walter Frei April 28, 2017

Get an overview of several approaches for modeling natural and forced convection in COMSOL Multiphysics®, starting with the simplest method and adding complexity from there.

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Bridget Cunningham April 26, 2017

As you bake a cake, there are many complex heat and mass transport processes taking place behind the oven door. Take a closer look at the art and science involved in the cake baking process…

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Caty Fairclough April 18, 2017

Biomedical example involving CFD simulation: In order to analyze the blood flow around an arterial stent, you need a fluid model that can describe blood’s non-Newtonian behavior.

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Caty Fairclough April 5, 2017

Can planting greenery in cities actually reduce air pollution? Researchers used CFD simulation to investigate how greenery affected the air quality of urban environments.

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Caty Fairclough April 3, 2017

To predict how a bank protection structure within the Yangtze River in China would deform under certain conditions, a group of researchers turned to geomechanical analysis.

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Caty Fairclough March 23, 2017

Researchers from Texas A&M University used multiphysics simulation to evaluate the fluid dynamics and performance of a rotating cone micropump, a key component in many types of process equipment.

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Bridget Cunningham March 22, 2017

The viscous catenary problem is theoretically and experimentally significant in many industries due to the complex phenomena it entails. Simulation can help us understand this problem.

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Bridget Cunningham March 9, 2017

In order to design superconducting magnets for a particle accelerator, such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, researchers need to simulate and optimize their electrothermal transients.

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Nancy Bannach March 8, 2017

A simulation application, such as one for a thermoelectric cooler design, can be used to test a variety of parameters in order to optimize a device for a specific use.

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Caty Fairclough March 6, 2017

To study a utility boiler furnace, you need to account for the effects of radiation, which is difficult to solve for analytically and study experimentally. That’s where simulation comes in.

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Caty Fairclough February 23, 2017

To investigate a novel design for roof tiles that can keep buildings cool in hot climates, called Life HEROTILE Project, a research group from Italy turned to multiphysics simulation.

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