Improving Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Efficiency with CFD Simulation

Caty Fairclough June 19, 2017

Vertical-axis wind turbines are easier to install and maintain than horizontal-axis devices, but they also have low peak efficiencies and struggle with starting torque. Enter CFD simulation.

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Claire Bost June 14, 2017

Modeling the transport of heat and moisture in porous media, like building envelopes and other construction materials, is a simple process with a predefined Heat and Moisture Transport interface.

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Claire Bost June 9, 2017

First, we discuss how to model heat transport in moist air. Then, we add complexity by demonstrating how to couple heat and moisture transport in air in your simulation.

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Bridget Paulus June 8, 2017

For silicon to be considered “solar grade”, it has to be 99.9999% pure. Therefore, microwave furnaces used to produce solar-grade silicon need to be optimized for quality and efficient output.

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Bridget Cunningham May 24, 2017

Inertial focusing involves the migration of particles through a channel. This benchmark model analyzes particle behavior in an inertial focusing process with validated, reliable results.

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Bridget Cunningham May 18, 2017

Artificial ground freezing (AGF) is a valuable process in the construction industry. Researchers from China modeled groundwater flow to optimize an artificial ground freezing (AGF) process.

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Ed Fontes May 15, 2017

The v2-f turbulence model is an effective option for simulating highly nonlinear turbulent flow problems with both the accuracy and robustness of other, more limiting methods.

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Walter Frei April 28, 2017

Get an overview of several approaches for modeling natural and forced convection in COMSOL Multiphysics®, starting with the simplest method and adding complexity from there.

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Bridget Cunningham April 26, 2017

As you bake a cake, there are many complex heat and mass transport processes taking place behind the oven door. Take a closer look at the art and science involved in the cake baking process…

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Caty Fairclough April 18, 2017

Biomedical example involving CFD simulation: In order to analyze the blood flow around an arterial stent, you need a fluid model that can describe blood’s non-Newtonian behavior.

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Caty Fairclough April 5, 2017

Can planting greenery in cities actually reduce air pollution? Researchers used CFD simulation to investigate how greenery affected the air quality of urban environments.

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