Free Nodes Boost COMSOL Multiphysics HPC (High Performance Computing) Applications

Niklas Rom November 3, 2009
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Cluster computing is making its way to the engineering community. This is certainly true for users of COMSOL. Here is some great news: Users of COMSOL Multiphysics on floating network licenses will be able to deploy their simulations distributed on any number of nodes — without any additional licensing cost.

As far as I know, COMSOL is the first developer of multiphysics software to take this step towards removing the financial barrier to large scale simulation on clusters. This is important for many of our customers. At recent COMSOL conferences in Boston and Milan, we had hundreds of attendees taking part in my tutorial on how to run COMSOL on Windows HPC Server 2008.

The next big event is SC09 Portland, Oregon. If you are interested in HPC this is a great event to attend. And feel free to visit us there (at Booth # 236) – we’ll be happy to show you how to run COMSOL on clusters.



  1. Dulal Haque February 26, 2013   3:45 am

    Very nice simulation software

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