LiveLink™ for Pro/ENGINEER® Video Tutorial

November 13, 2012

Since 2010, COMSOL and PTC® have joined forces to create integration between simulation and CAD design processes. Culminating in LiveLink™ for Pro/ENGINEER®, COMSOL provides seamless associativity between PTC’s 24 years of CAD experience and COMSOL’s unparalleled multiphysics simulation software. A new LiveLink™ for Pro/ENGINEER® video tutorial exemplifies this integration, and gives you a head-start in your design modeling. The video demonstrates the three main features to help you design, optimize, and troubleshoot.


The synchronization feature enables you to instantly transfer your Pro/E® models to COMSOL. If you’ve created a model in Pro/E®, LiveLink™ will enable you to import it into COMSOL for simulation. Once inside the COMSOL environment, if you realize one of the features is not to your liking, simply change it in Pro/E® and re-synchronize. This allows you to avoid the hassle of re-importing the entire model and starting the whole process over again. COMSOL will retain your previously defined physics and boundary settings despite the new changes you make to your design.

Optimized Results

Improving and optimizing results is an everyday activity for engineers, making it an essential component in a complete modeling process. The Optimization Module together with LiveLink™ and Pro/E® can be used to solve an array of problems including shape, size, and time-dependent problems. When the parameters change in COMSOL, they also change in Pro/E®. Once an optimization is complete, the target parameters will have changed the geometry in both.

LiveLink™ also allows you to clean up your model in COMSOL in case there are mesh errors or the mesh is too small. You can either repair or defeature your model. Repairing is advantageous for quick feature removal within a specified tolerance, such as slivers. The defeaturing tools give you more control with selective removal of features, such as fillets or holes. Using these tools will make the simulation process more manageable, relevant, and run quicker.

This LiveLink™ for Pro/ENGINEER® video tutorial demonstrates how to synchronize geometry from a Pro/E® model and then investigate and modify it in COMSOL Multiphysics. A parametric sweep using defined parameters from Pro/E® will be set up, and the results of the sweep evaluated.


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