The inside track on simulation software – Understanding Plasma Complexity

Phil Kinnane September 8, 2011
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  1. mood padd April 20, 2012   10:43 am

    I have some problems wiht modelinq helixa (the controler and Wave amplifier) I started by 50 coiles to Measurement the Constant angular velocity of the wave ,but I quickly change the parameter for the constant release got stuck?what do I do??

  2. Phil Kinnane April 20, 2012   10:48 am

    Hi mood padd,

    I am not technical enough to answer your question. but you can surely post it though our Support site (

  3. LAKSHMI NARAYANA UTALA July 13, 2012   9:17 am

    I have some problem for simulating dc thermal plasma torch using argon gas.the main problem is at dc discharge. Is it possible to simulate dc arc discharge using comsol

  4. Phil Kinnane July 13, 2012   4:38 pm

    Hi Lakshmi,

    Unfortunately, we can’t simulate DC arc discharges.

  5. LAKSHMI NARAYANA UTALA August 4, 2012   6:05 am

    Dear Sir,
    If we are supplying directly arc power to the it possible to simulate the thermal plasma using comsol. OR suggest how to simulate dc thermal plasma using comsol.

  6. LAKSHMI NARAYANA UTALA August 4, 2012   6:17 am

    Dear Sir,
    In some papers i was observed they solved dc transferred arc plasma using comsol they were solved. transferred arc simulation is possible using comsol. plz suggest me how to solve thermal plasma torch simulation using comsol….

  7. Phil Kinnane August 8, 2012   5:42 pm

    You may want to look at:

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