Balance Engineering Ltd

Balance Engineering Ltd

Balance Engineering Ltd can serve customers in flow sheeting simulations and detailed unit process simulations. Our main technology fields are:

  • Heat and mass transfer: Heat exchangers, Complete heat exchanger networks (HEN), Drying models, Coolers and heaters
  • Fluid dynamics: Unit process models, Fluid dynamics with heattransfer
  • Flow sheeting modeling and optimization: Complete process models
  • Model uncertainty analysis: Unit process and complete process model uncertainty analysis, Parameter estimation
  • Thermodynamics: General heating and cooling models and energy consumption analysis
  • Measurements: Related measurement technology to validate and calibrate the simulation models

Our customers are primarily from the Pulp and paper industry and HVAC-equipment industry. We are happy to discuss about the new challenges to utilize our skills. Our motto Academic implementation - Practical realization? describes our approach and we are waiting for the next opportunity to make the next realization.

Address & Contact Information

Balance Engineering Ltd
Laserkatu 6
FI-53850 Lappeenranta
Phone: +358 40 502 9068