Prizztech Oy, Magnet Technology Centre

Prizztech Oy, Magnet Technology Centre

Prizztech Oy is a Finnish science park and the Magnet Technology Centre is one of its research institutes. We provide modeling and measurement services to companies operating in the field of magnet technology, while also promoting research and development within the magnet industry. Our modeling services include electromagnetic, thermodynamic, and coupled multiphysics problems. The center's R&D projects are focused on permanent magnet materials, superconductors, and their applications.

Areas of Expertise

  • Static and dynamic electromagnetic fields
  • Thermodynamics

Available Services

At the Magnet Technology Centre, we perform studies and surveys for specific industries, fostering research and development in areas such as permanent magnets, superconductors, characterizing magnetic materials, and optimizing magnetic applications. In addition to our R&D projects, our company also organizes conferences and other training opportunities.

Address & Contact Information

Magnet Technology Centre
Pohjoisranta 11A
FI-28101 Pori
FI-28101 Pori
Phone: +358-44-7105338
Fax: +358-2-6272992