Senshin Technologies Inc.

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At Senshin Technologies Inc., we provide customized worldwide solutions based on finite element analysis. Our advanced analysis capabilities provide complex solutions for different engineering industries and research development processes. We are experienced in COMSOL Multiphysics® software analysis with high-quality, on-time delivery, maintaining the confidentiality of the projects. We have project development experience with major customers in Japan, from single physics to multiphysics.

Areas of Expertise

We have our own offshore team in India, which enables us to cut the cost exceptionally. We can carry out CAE work at an extremely low hourly rate compared to domestic Japanese companies.

  • Application Builder
  • Structural mechanics
  • Material analysis
  • Heat transfer
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Particle tracing
  • Pipe flow

Our Team

We have experienced professionals with high academic credentials and good experience in CAE. Onsite engineering support is also possible, which helps provide ideal business innovation in a short period of time.

Areas of expertise:

  • Technical consultation
  • Business support planning
  • Contract creation
  • Selection of optimal solution
  • Project progress management
  • Report creation
  • Onsite technical assistance
  • And more


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Mobile: +81-90-8496-4188

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