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Announcement Announcement *Now Available* COMSOL Multiphysics and COMSOL Server 5.2a 151 0 1 week ago
Announcement Announcement COMSOL Conference 2016 - July 1st is the final abstract submission deadline for the Boston and Munich events! 358 0 1 month ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
shivani magarkar shivani magarkar membrane gas separation 3 0 3 hours ago
Henrik Parsamian Henrik Parsamian PML thickness in RF module 2 0 3 hours ago
DINESH  ROTAKE DINESH ROTAKE what is the value of Elasticity matrix for gold and polysilicon?
elasticity matrix , 5.2 , Materials and functions
2 0 5 hours ago
Pratyusha Karri Pratyusha Karri Nonlinearity in Silicon
11 1 11 hours ago
Mike Bradley Mike Bradley Graph vs Phase with Frequency Domain Solver? 6,212 9 15 hours ago
Stephen Holland Stephen Holland Creating a time-domain plot from a frequency domain study 766 6 15 hours ago
Joshua Yin Joshua Yin passive heating wall's vent control
5.1 , Heat Transfer , Geometry
8 0 15 hours ago
Adrien Dehan Adrien Dehan How to continue matlab code if Comsol solver did not converge?
4.4 , LiveLink products , Heat Transfer
779 1 16 hours ago
Suraj Bhosale Suraj Bhosale Modelling Snap-through of curved beams-Post-buckling analysis
Structural Mechanics , Solving
3 0 16 hours ago
Desiree Johnson Desiree Johnson Remove the Default Magnetic Insulation Boundary Condition? 14 2 17 hours ago
Myriam Paredes Myriam Paredes I canĀ“t select the diaphragm to visualize the displacement in the Capacitive Pressure Sensor
Selection button , diaphragm , 5.0 , AC/DC Module , Geometry
244 2 18 hours ago
James Chwalek James Chwalek Time to Frequency FFT
10 0 19 hours ago
Nicholas Goldring Nicholas Goldring Easy way to flip the coordinate axis of my model.
5.2 , Definitions and operators , Geometry
100 7 19 hours ago
Doaa Ahmed Doaa Ahmed number of modes exists in a waveguide 57 6 19 hours ago
Sandra Wang Sandra Wang Can 3D geometry only simulate 1/4 of it?
5.2 , Geometry
29 2 20 hours ago
Jehad Yamin Jehad Yamin Metal Hydride Storage Simulation
559 1 22 hours ago
Max Zuidhoek Max Zuidhoek Heat Transport / Expansion of solid in liquid
5.2a , Structural Mechanics , Heat Transfer
15 0 23 hours ago
Steve Conrad Steve Conrad How to link global material properties to dependent variables at the component level?
5.2a , Materials and functions
96 4 1 day ago
Nicolas Falgayrettes Nicolas Falgayrettes New user, New software, New errors (mechanical problem)
5.2 , Solving , Physics , Structural Mechanics
24 1 1 day ago
Thomas Bender Thomas Bender Extremely Thin Layer
5.2 , Mesh , Geometry
28 2 1 day ago
Niharika Baruah Niharika Baruah Plot Thermal conductivity of a nano fluid with respect to temperature
9 0 1 day ago
Shailesh Joshi Shailesh Joshi Bioheat-Fraction of necrotic tissue-Equation
Heat Transfer , bioheat
9 0 1 day ago
Derek Noel Derek Noel fluid flow in a 3D pipe
5.2 , Laminar Flow , pipe
39 3 1 day ago
Jean-Eudes Royal Jean-Eudes Royal Periodics conditions 45 2 1 day ago
uday uday Multi-pass continuous laser beam scan 918 5 1 day ago

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