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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 479 0 4 weeks ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Xuebin Meng Xuebin Meng ultrasonic probe achieves self-sending and self-receiving 52 5 2 hours ago
Prashant Katiyar Prashant Katiyar Boundary Number 13 0 3 hours ago
Sab Rina Sab Rina Mesh 20 0 3 hours ago
Geoff Zhang Geoff Zhang Comsol modeling of supercapacitor 13 0 4 hours ago
Amanda Klaeger Amanda Klaeger Bending Deformation 26 0 4 hours ago
Francisco Munoz Francisco Munoz Eigenfrequency and Temperature in a Cantilever
Structural Mechanics , MEMS , 4.0a , Heat Transfer
4,704 9 5 hours ago
Martin Martin Electrostatic force calculation, Results strange... 15 0 6 hours ago
Andrea Migliorati Andrea Migliorati Surface Plasmon Resonance
4.4 , plasmonic , Plasmon , Resonance , surfaces
1,214 4 10 hours ago
Muhammad Mohsin Rehman Muhammad Mohsin Rehman Piezoelectric transducer for liquids
4.0a , Fluid Flow , Structural Mechanics
1,602 2 16 hours ago
Rock Peters Rock Peters ERROR: Time derivative only allowed with respect to mesh time
darcy , Porous Media , 5.2
463 2 1 day ago
Narcisse GR Narcisse GR discharge magnetron 24 0 2 days ago
Sal Tra Sal Tra Elastoplasticity 411 8 3 days ago
Josef Soucek Josef Soucek Connect SMA conectors to MW source 22 1 3 days ago
Chris Krapf Chris Krapf Create Geometry from Mesh - Failed to form solid object 30 0 3 days ago
Clyde Forster Clyde Forster Subtracting a 2D quantity from a 1D quantity 43 2 3 days ago
Joel Tan Joel Tan gaussian beam in Laser Heating of a Silicon Wafer 59 1 3 days ago
Carlos Alejandro Silvera delgado Carlos Alejandro Silvera delgado Free and Porous flow + structural mechanics module (poroelasticity problem) 17 0 3 days ago
Mitchell Voyantzis Mitchell Voyantzis Importing geometry with materials information. 26 0 3 days ago
Vladimir Gauthier Vladimir Gauthier Livelink with matlab, exporting custom expression 73 5 3 days ago
Abhinav Kalkhanda Abhinav Kalkhanda Electrical Conductivity 56 1 4 days ago
Yuchu He Yuchu He gaussian beam at oblique incidence 31 0 4 days ago
Amr Al Abed Amr Al Abed Parameteric vs. Batch vs. Cluster sweeps
4.4 , Solving , Cluster , Batch , parametric sweep , sweep
1,298 4 4 days ago
Abhinav Kalkhanda Abhinav Kalkhanda Plotting electric current 32 0 4 days ago
Jacob Trevino Jacob Trevino Scattering Cross Section 21,761 24 4 days ago
Bahar Bahar Plotting Current
Capacitive 3D comb drive example , Electrodes , Current , Plot , Materials and functions , Results and visualization , 3.5a
5,773 6 4 days ago

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