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Amina Ben Amor Amina Ben Amor defining a Gaussian heat source
3.5 , Heat Transfer
5,107 5 3 months ago
Uwe Glaubach Uwe Glaubach mixture model, Problem with negative volume fractions
2,692 2 4 months ago
Sebastian Gatzka Sebastian Gatzka Change space dimension from '2D' to 'Axial symmetry (2D)' without re-modelling the geometry 7,605 13 9 months ago
Bahar Bahar Piezoresistive modeling 6,339 11 9 months ago
Jais John Jais John Effective area calculation for PCF design 13,605 15 9 months ago
Gleb Dyomin Gleb Dyomin how to calculate the magnetoresistance of simple magnetic structure in COMSOL 4.2? 10,604 2 11 months ago
Huifeng Du Huifeng Du Problem in one of the Model Library of Comsol 3.5 1,178 3 1 years ago
Ram Hey Ram Hey yield stress 4,741 1 1 years ago
Akmal Akmal Manipulating heat-transfer coefficient 6,681 7 2 yearss ago
Liu Jun Liu Jun phononic crystal -- Acoustic Structure Interaction 7,369 6 2 yearss ago
Floris van Kempen Floris van Kempen Modelling of a Permanent Magnet Electro motor 13,401 8 2 yearss ago
Goutham Goutham Laser Drilling on silicon carbide 3,994 2 2 yearss ago
Norbert Bartscher Norbert Bartscher Time dependent and non linear model takes (too?) long to solve... 6,654 3 2 yearss ago
Ram Hey Ram Hey Difine Herschel-bulkley parameters 5,380 2 2 yearss ago
Don Vernekohl Don Vernekohl Problems with exporting data 4,595 2 2 yearss ago
Daniel Demuth Daniel Demuth alternating current in Conductive Media DC 3,286 2 2 yearss ago
Tariq Mahbub Tariq Mahbub Assigning velocity as a boundary condition 2,154 1 3 yearss ago
Yangfan LI Yangfan LI How to get the mass matrix in comsol 3.5a 1,070 0 3 yearss ago
Alper Akis Alper Akis Help me About Materials Setting 906 0 3 yearss ago
Xsu Xsu Mesh sensitivity Test 9,457 12 3 yearss ago
Sara Kian Sara Kian problem with geometry & draw reflectinn spectrum of gating wave guide 1,817 4 3 yearss ago
Anuurag Chordiya Anuurag Chordiya How to apply Neumann and Dirichlet's BC 3,365 2 3 yearss ago
Lukas Alberts Lukas Alberts improvement for the forum 3,320 1 3 yearss ago
Tran Quang Dat Tran Quang Dat Sound hard and radiation boundaries in acoustic medium! 1,713 1 3 yearss ago
Obidos Yu Obidos Yu An Integral problem 1,049 0 3 yearss ago

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