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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 67 0 2 days ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Surbhi Jain Surbhi Jain rf mems switch using comsol 4.2 a 18 0 2 days ago
Angelo Wong Angelo Wong How do I select all objects in an array? 4,049 5 1 week ago
Yan Wang Yan Wang integration coupling variable (unit problem) 2,076 5 1 week ago
Young Song Young Song Thermoacoustics using COMSOL Multiphysics 6,500 4 2 weeks ago
Masoud Ghorbani Moghaddam Masoud Ghorbani Moghaddam Initial Conditions for Sine-Wave or More complex disturbances 5,135 9 2 weeks ago
Andreas Hagen Andreas Hagen How is Dirichlet boundary conditions implemented in Comsol? 106 2 3 weeks ago
Akhilesh Khope Akhilesh Khope PML refractive index 4,991 17 4 weeks ago
Rollo Jarvis Rollo Jarvis Basic Question: How to add modules 2,700 4 1 month ago
Shoval Zoran Shoval Zoran Magnetic Fields, No Current 4,000 5 1 month ago
Tolga Y. Ozudogru Tolga Y. Ozudogru Saving probe tables in a parametric study 8,815 6 2 months ago
Maral Hassani Maral Hassani Import MRI, CT and microCT data 9,299 9 2 months ago
Abbie Abbie weak constraint or pointwise constraint 6,161 7 2 months ago
Bin Sun Bin Sun How to apply both voltage and current simultaneously to the cable? 533 5 2 months ago
Shreyansh Arora Shreyansh Arora Elasticity matrix of magnesium 159 0 2 months ago
JF Wa JF Wa particle deformation througn a contrained channel 1,545 5 2 months ago
Ugo Stella Ugo Stella "Line current (out of plane)" and "Electric point dipole" power 225 0 2 months ago
Chris Nadovich Chris Nadovich Simple Geometry Question 7,609 14 2 months ago
Anurag Tiwari Anurag Tiwari Failed to evaluate variable Jacobian 408 0 3 months ago
uday uday About Fixed constraint 2,139 3 3 months ago
Bashar Yafouz Bashar Yafouz Plotting Electric Field Gradient and "Dome-shaped" Electrical Field of Microelectrodes 3,788 8 3 months ago
Yusuf Kahraman Yusuf Kahraman Buoyancy Force 1,306 1 3 months ago
Hadi Hei Hadi Hei Hall Effect Sensor 2,184 7 3 months ago
Md Nurul Anwar  Tarek Md Nurul Anwar Tarek How to couple two different physics 159 0 3 months ago
Elizabeth Walker Elizabeth Walker Question about Permeability Units 560 2 4 months ago
Delwar Delwar Radially Polarized Piezoelectric Transducer 1,410 1 4 months ago

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