Not abel to select continuity

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Giunti Giustiniano

Giunti Giustiniano

October 4, 2012 3:02pm UTC

Not abel to select continuity

I'm tried to make a MF model, but I encountered a problem : the option continuity n x (H1-H2)=0 is disabled for any element. I need to define this boundary condition, continuity, to modelling correctly yhe problem, for assure continuity of two different material (in paritcular air and alluminum). Why this potion is disabled?

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Erik Bornhöft

Erik Bornhöft
COMSOL Employee

October 9, 2012 4:35pm UTC in response to Giunti Giustiniano

Re: Not abel to select continuity


continuity is the default boundary condition on any inner boundary. You only need to manually set this when using "Form Assembly" in your geometry. Usually that is only necessary for contact problems in structural mechanics.

If you need to define assemblies for some reason, you need to create (or let COMSOL auto-create) "identity pairs" within "Definitions" at overlapping boundaries. You can then define a "Continuity Pair" by rightclicking on "Magnetic Fields" and choosing "Pairs->Continuity" and selecting one of the pairs defined in "Definitions".

Hope that helps!

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