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Active Discussions - Acoustics Module

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Levon Mirzoyan Levon Mirzoyan PN optical modulator
Physics , Solving , Application Builder , 5.2 , Mesh , Results and visualization , CFD , AC/DC Module , Batteries , Acoustics Module , Structural Mechanics , RF Module
923 2 4 days ago
Zafer Ozer Zafer Ozer How to calculate photonic band gap, transmission and reflection spectra?
RF Module , 4.3b , Acoustics Module
11,172 16 3 weeks ago
Osameh Ghazian Osameh Ghazian Air water interface 1,990 4 4 months ago
Kartik Uppal Kartik Uppal How to create a point source and a receiver in an underwater model 117 0 4 months ago
Young Song Young Song Thermoacoustics using COMSOL Multiphysics 7,116 4 4 months ago
Hamed Rahimi Hamed Rahimi Relative permittivity and coupling matrix 216 3 4 months ago
Hamed Rahimi Hamed Rahimi Water air interface in acoustic modulus 168 0 4 months ago
Muyassar Ismaeel Muyassar Ismaeel How to define the boundary conditions for oscillatory flow in COMSOL? 548 2 4 months ago
Manoj Kumaran Manoj Kumaran piezo electric transducer 824 2 4 months ago
Hamed Rahimi Hamed Rahimi Ultrasound transduce output 599 0 4 months ago
Hamed Rahimi Hamed Rahimi Sound absorber 163 1 4 months ago
bkralik bkralik How to transfer "eigenfrequency" from eigenfrequency to frequency domain step 217 2 4 months ago
Andreas Hagen Andreas Hagen How is Dirichlet boundary conditions implemented in Comsol? 376 2 4 months ago
Badri  Suhaini Badri Suhaini How do you plot error in COMSOL Multiphysics V5.2? 543 2 4 months ago
ECAS group, UAB ECAS group, UAB Absolute pressure in water is smaller than expected. 257 0 5 months ago
Hernan Vignolo Hernan Vignolo Acoustics - Large models convergence 980 5 5 months ago
Jon H Jon H Introduction of BEM solver for Acoustics 682 4 5 months ago
Li Dongfang Li Dongfang Why the COMSOL results can not give infinity values at resonance? 271 2 5 months ago
Deepak Deepak how to simulate lamb wave in plate in comsol?? 3,921 7 5 months ago
Cameron Guerette Cameron Guerette Negative Decibel Levels in Results 155 2 5 months ago
Hamed Rahimi Hamed Rahimi Time dependent pulse ultrasound wave 474 2 5 months ago
Hamed Rahimi Hamed Rahimi Ultrasound perssure output 214 3 5 months ago
Pengtao Huang Pengtao Huang how to build an ultrasound examination model in 4.4 version 223 0 5 months ago
Mohammad Ghulam Mohammad Ghulam Linearized Navier Stokes Model for Aeroacoustics Simulation 213 0 5 months ago
Dennis Joshy Dennis Joshy Transmission Loss in a Porous Medium actuated by a PZT 166 0 5 months ago

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