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Active Discussions - boundary conditions

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Simantini Mitra-Behura Simantini Mitra-Behura Implementing Periodic Boundary Conditions in Coefficient Form Boundary PDEs
Definitions and operators , boundary conditions , periodic , PDE , 5.3 , Physics
546 4 1 week ago
Adarsh Vasista Adarsh Vasista Periodic antennas 1,053 6 8 months ago
ranaat ranaat Error: Singular Matrix 174 0 9 months ago
Thomas Hulin Thomas Hulin boundary condition dependent on dependent variable 1,660 2 9 months ago
Marine Cannard Marine Cannard Injection of velocity fluctuations inside the computational domain 162 0 9 months ago
Hossein Nili Hossein Nili Imposing a Neumann boundary condition in the electrostatics module 183 0 1 years ago
renphysics renphysics How to impose a Neumann boundary condition for one dependent variable, but not for others? 618 2 1 years ago
George Rosala George Rosala free finite prescribed displacement 3,310 7 1 years ago
Debaditya Dutta Debaditya Dutta Absorbing boundary condition for transient wave propagation problem 2,430 6 1 years ago
Ashan Ashan Adding a boundary condition over domain 399 1 2 yearss ago
Nicolas Tsagarakis Nicolas Tsagarakis Define simple-support boundary condition of a beam (Solid Mechanics) 8,529 6 2 yearss ago
Ari Ari Floating potentials when solving Laplace equation 526 5 2 yearss ago
Joseph Boales Joseph Boales Applying a stress tensor to a model 1,203 3 2 yearss ago
PD PD Simple 3D Plane Wave (RF module) 1,152 0 2 yearss ago
Andres Vasquez Andres Vasquez Boundary condition of point along an spherical path 453 0 2 yearss ago
Paul Maguire Paul Maguire Implementing a specific boundary condition in Comsol 4.3 481 1 2 yearss ago
Carolyne Bocovich Carolyne Bocovich Boundary Conditions: Pressure head vs. Pervious Layer 1,722 2 2 yearss ago
Tongjun Chang Tongjun Chang how to build Periodic Boundary Conditions 443 0 2 yearss ago
Cory Stein Cory Stein If Statement 1,327 2 2 yearss ago
Kaj Johnson Kaj Johnson displacement discontinuity boundary condition 2,310 1 2 yearss ago
Carole K. Carole K. Apply a boundary coundition to only a percentage of a surface 711 0 2 yearss ago
Cemre Ariyurek Cemre Ariyurek Boundary Conditions in Solid Mechanics 1,189 0 3 yearss ago
Peter Rindt Peter Rindt conductive layer between two separated bodies/domains 877 1 3 yearss ago
Morten Huse Morten Huse Modeling closed circuits with pipe flow module (linking inlet and outlet) 1,736 0 3 yearss ago
Nairouz Farah Nairouz Farah Membrane modelling 547 4 3 yearss ago

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