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Announcement Announcement Now available: COMSOL 5.3 95 0 2 days ago
Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Meryeme Boumahdi Meryeme Boumahdi Comsol with Matlab 65 4 1 day ago
Melisaa Chaves Melisaa Chaves Turbulent two phases fill tank 31 0 5 days ago
Andrea Roberto Calore Andrea Roberto Calore Non-isothermal polymer flow 38 0 6 days ago
Reza Ansari Shirvan Reza Ansari Shirvan Showing convergence plots during a simulation in batch mode 63 0 1 week ago
Zhipeng Zhu Zhipeng Zhu 3D Two phase system by Phase Field model periodic BC fluid mass vanish 43 0 1 week ago
Carles Safont Carles Safont Moving Mesh velocity in tpfmm 255 1 1 week ago
Krishna Raj G G Krishna Raj G G droplet modelling 782 2 1 week ago
Miriam Vogt Miriam Vogt error when coupling reactive flow and heat transfer 1,372 5 2 weeks ago
Jason Ng Jason Ng High Mach Number Flow, Turbulent k-e Modelling 31 0 2 weeks ago
Robert  Watson Robert Watson Premixed Combustion with an ignition source 47 0 2 weeks ago
Molla Hasan Molla Hasan Contact Angle of a sessile droplet 2,396 8 2 weeks ago
Chris Chris Glass break as result of pressure - fire sprinkler tube 771 1 2 weeks ago
Cormac Eason Cormac Eason Modelling Natural Convection 5,171 7 2 weeks ago
Nidhin T Madhu Nidhin T Madhu Does Comsol allow only continuous flow ? 220 2 2 weeks ago
Muyassar Ismaeel Muyassar Ismaeel How to define the boundary conditions for oscillatory flow in COMSOL? 198 2 2 weeks ago
Giovanni Giansiracusa Giovanni Giansiracusa Evaluate mass flow rate needed to remove a certain heat flux 187 1 2 weeks ago
Manuel Ayala Manuel Ayala Time Dependent of intake manifold 168 1 2 weeks ago
Rajib Das Rajib Das Modeling High Pressure CFD model 57 1 2 weeks ago
Rajib Das Rajib Das Equation of State 27 1 2 weeks ago
James Harden James Harden Stirring tank/Rotating Machinery problem 84 0 2 weeks ago
Valeria Palomba Valeria Palomba Evaporation in a closed volume 39 0 2 weeks ago
Mohammad Amin Kazemi Mohammad Amin Kazemi Derivatives in level set or phase field physics 92 0 3 weeks ago
Víctor Pablo Galván Chacón Víctor Pablo Galván Chacón 2D Droplet break up in plannar flow focusing geometry 146 3 3 weeks ago
Rui  Silva Rui Silva Schiller Neuman SLIP Velocity Mixture Model V3.5a 4,671 6 3 weeks ago
Олег Ruitkop Олег Ruitkop Particle tracing module. Latent heat 423 1 3 weeks ago

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