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Lena Meyer

Lena Meyer

May 30, 2012 1:57pm UTC

format in fem.mesh

I exported a mesh which I created in Comsol via LiveLink to Matlab.
Now I have some questions about the format of fem.mesh.
Which fields does fem.mesh has? (I can't do fields(fem.mesh), because fem.mesh is a femmesh object, but there you can also access to the date like in structs).
I know the following fields:
fem.mesh.t - information about the tetraeder
fem.mesh.v - information about the vertices
fem.mesh.p - coordinates of the mesh vertices

What is stored in and fem.mesh.e? I know that the first two respectivly three rows are the numbers of the corresponding vertices. But what is about the next three/ nine rows?

I can't find any information to that in the COmsol reference guide and the comsol matlab interface guide.

Thanks for your help!

I use Comsol 3.4 and Matlab2008b.

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