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Active Discussions - Deformed Geometry

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Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Flanell Flanell Lagrange multiplier in axial symmetry 336 2 4 months ago
Helena Kaufmann Helena Kaufmann Melting Front and Free Surface 1,729 2 4 months ago
Christian Nadell Christian Nadell moving mesh stuck, deformed geometry fine? 173 1 6 months ago
Daniel Connelly Daniel Connelly 3D plotting normal displacement on surfaces 241 2 11 months ago
Dongsheng Lv Dongsheng Lv Can't export deformed geometry using electromechanics 301 0 12 months ago
Alexander Chadwick Alexander Chadwick Coupling solid mechanics with deformed geometry 182 2 12 months ago
Chitvan Killawala Chitvan Killawala Problem with Automatic Remeshing / MUMPS allocation factor increased to 1.44. 1,193 1 1 years ago
Ingo Schaarschmidt Ingo Schaarschmidt Studies Loop with Comsol or Matlab? 495 0 1 years ago
Erik Esveld Erik Esveld Cannot use Prescribed mesh velocity in Frequency-Transient Study 294 0 1 years ago
aroth aroth Remeshing a Deformed Mesh in 4.0a 10,762 17 1 years ago
Oscar_Banos Oscar_Banos PDE system and deformed geometry 377 1 2 yearss ago
Robert Rooster Robert Rooster Applying Boundary Conditions Based on Deformed Geometry 1,431 3 2 yearss ago
Albert Carles Brangarí Albert Carles Brangarí Deformed geometry under concentration 556 0 2 yearss ago
George Joseph George Joseph Deformed geometry : How to use the coordinates of a boundary in the deformed geometry as a variable? 1,169 1 2 yearss ago
Jing Huang Jing Huang A problem about exporting data on deformed mesh 708 0 2 yearss ago
Soheyl Soheyl Defining prescribed mesh velocity in Deformed Geometry physics 800 2 3 yearss ago
Aaron Curtis Aaron Curtis Deformed geometry model converges until I try to use the lagrange multiplier 1,646 2 3 yearss ago
Louis-Daniel Théroux Louis-Daniel Théroux Moving heat plate comes in contact with surface 880 1 3 yearss ago
Francesco Costanzo Francesco Costanzo Novice question - Deforming a mesh according to a solution 926 1 3 yearss ago
Nick Teunisse Nick Teunisse Shape optimization of radiating plate 1,392 1 4 yearss ago
Reza Reza Moving boundary 3,389 2 5 yearss ago

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